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Get to know Guardrail & Its Functions The name Rail Guard must be very strange to your ears even though this one tool you have often seen on the highway. Yes, Guard Rail is another name for a guardrail that you have often seen on toll roads or ordinary highways. This road guardrail has the main function as a kinetic energy reducer if a vehicle crashes into a road divider. This kinetic energy attenuation makes the car at least reverse or bounce away from the accident site.Guard Rails are made of steel formed by cold-roll machining to produce quality steel beams called W-Beams. The nature of this guard rail is anti-rust so it will not be affected at all with the extreme weather that is outdoors. Guard Rail has been coated with an anti-rust (galvanized coating) which is resistant to the sun's heat and rain water. The heat and rain which are usually the main enemy of metal material can be handled well by Guard Rail.Until now Guard Rail technology can be said to be the safest to use as a roadblock. This tool can make the vehicle not thrown off the track when having an accident

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