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Barbed Wire

We sell quality barbed wire at low prices. Barbed wire or barbed wire is designed from the twisting of two or more long wires which, within a certain distance, are interspersed with twists of wire pieces whose ends are directed perpendicular to the main wire. In general, barbed wire functioned as a building safety fence or national border. This product also plays a role in trench warfare defense. Razor wire is widely used as a security / barrier, such as preventing humans or animals from passing through the area where this barbed wire is installed.Razor wire can provide an extra sense of security and comfort in an area / property asset that we have without reducing the beauty of the shape of the fence itself. Barbed wire fences are very easy to build and quick to set up, even by unskilled people. Placement is generally on the wall or on a concrete iron fence that surrounds the property. Usually it is attached to a fence (brc fence or wall fence) and also on a direct pole.

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