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A fence is a method used by many people to be used as a protector, a barrier, and can also beautify a yard. Whether it's home, office or anything else. As for one of the iron that is very well known and can also be used for fences, namely BRC iron or BRC fence. This fence is an abbreviation of British Reinforced Concrete which was the first to recognize the term fence like this, namely a construction company located abroad, precisely in the country of Singapore. This BRC fence is also a fence made with a minimalist model of concrete iron with a very good type of iron that is the U-50 type. Although the model is minimalist, this fence is very suitable to be used in various places. As for the diameter itself, it will depend very much on the height of the iron, because the higher the diameter, the greater the diameter. Using iron from BRC to be used as a fence has many advantages.

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