PT Jaya Quinn Perkasa

Road Marking Nails

If you often drive there must have felt a vibration when car tires run over road markings. Yes, this is because on the road markings there are bumps called road studs. the function of this nail is as a reflector of road markings, especially at night or extreme weather. Basically, road spikes have yellow, red or white light reflectors. Even though the surface condition of the asphalt is dry or wet, the light of the road nails can reflect light.Of course if at night this road nail will be very useful, especially if the street is not equipped with qualified lighting. Not only box-shaped, road spikes can also be round like glass. Of course the same function is that it can reflect light. Even though it is applied on asphalt, this road nail is strong enough and can even be stacked with tons of weight. The durability of this road nail is none other than using aluminum alloy material, while the reflector is made of special beads can reflect light, anti-break and not easily fade.

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