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28 Apr 2021
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Specification of Aluminum Composite Panel Maco

Aluminum Composite Panel Maco is a superior product for this type of PVDF which is more intended for outdoor (outdoor) maco guarantees high quality ACP by using aluminum alloy series 3003. With 3 layer coating technology is the best at the moment.

ACP type according to the paint layer consists of 2 types, namely the type of Polyester (PE) which is commonly used for interiors, and the type of PVDF (Poly Vinyl De Flouride) commonly used on the exterior, because this type is resistant to all types of weather, so the color layer can last longer than the type of Polyester.

Aluminum Composite panels have properties and strong resistance to water and various kinds of weather, therefore Aluminum Composite panels are widely used as wall covering panels of a building both in door and out door, in addition to wall applications Aluminum Composite Panel can also be used in a variety of applications one of which is as an interior and exterior device.

Aluminum Composite panel consists of various colors according to demand, the thickness of the aluminum composite panel is generally 4 mm. Aluminum composite panel, makes the building more charming and luxurious.

Excellence Aluminum Composite Panel

The advantage of this composite material is its lighter weight but with higher strength, corrosion resistance,
     with lower assembly costs because of the reduced number of assembly components and does not require bolts-
     connecting bolt.
The basic properties of aluminum composite panels are hard and rigid but light in weight. Coated with aluminum that can be colored
     with a variety of colors. Aluminum composite panels are widely used with or not with metallic colors,
     can also use imitation color patterns from other materials such as wood and marble.

Material Thicness 4 mm
Size: 1220 x 2440 mm
1220 x 4880 mm
Coating Type PVDF 0.30 mm (exterior)
Type PE 0.21 mm (interior)
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