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Barbed Wire

Specification of barbed wire

selling barbed wire

PT. Jaya Quinn mighty sell razor wire with low prices and good quality goods. prices are usually influenced by the type, size and quantity requested. To get the best price, you can contact us, and we will be happy to help and provide clear information according to your request.

Barbed Wire / Barbed Wire or called Barbed Wire that serves as a safety and is usually used in the BRC fence so that it can be safer from the reach of thieves. Wire of thorns Most widely used in homes (to prevent bad people from climbing fences), security in prisons, securing livestock areas (preventing predators from entering), factory security, limited security at the airport, limiting security on the edge or side of the highway, construction projects to secure property, and also to protect war zones. Barbed wire can provide extra security and comfort in an area / property assets that we have without reducing the beauty of the shape of the fence itself.

Barbed wire fences are very easy to build and fast to erect, even by unskilled people. Laying is generally on the wall or on a concrete iron fence surrounding the property. Usually installed on the fence (fence brc or wall fence) and also on the pole directly.


For the price of barbed wire or barded wire is distinguished based on its size.

There are several diameter options that you can order with different wire weights and lengths. There is a choice of 40 meters, 70 meters long and 50 meters of wire in rolls.

Its own weight for a diameter of 2.1 mm there are 9 kilograms, 5 kilograms and also 4 kilograms.

Razor Wire Center Cheap Prices Surabaya, at PT. JQP sells cheap barbed wire with various types and sizes. All items are offered at low prices to suit your needs. to get the price information you want Razor Wire please contact us.

We sell quality razor wire at low prices.

For more information, please contact us or visit www.Jayaquinnperkasa.com.

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