PT Jaya Quinn Perkasa

Road Barrier

This Plastic Road Barrier product uses LLDPE plastic material which has impact resistance and is not easily broken. The color pigment used is very suitable for outdoor products that have anti-ultraviolet so that it does not fade quickly and is durable. This road barrier has a bright color that is red and is usually used as road markings. The main ingredient of this road divider is plastic. The use of plastic road dividers is very common in Indonesia because it is considered to be very efficient in terms of function and comfort. Although made of plastic, of course, this road barrier is still in accordance with established safety standards. Aside from being safe, lightweight and practical, in fact this road barrier can also be adjusted in terms of its stability. The main material in the form of plastic that makes the road divider is quite lightweight, can be tricked by filling water or cement as additional stability. Usually this plastic road barrier is sold in a size of 100x80x48 cm with a capacity of around 500 liters.

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